Fulcrum 101: Basics of Data Collection

Fulcrum 101: Basics of Data Collection Webinar

 During our webinar, we'll discuss how to build a mobile form with Fulcrum, how to collect data points in the field, and go over tips and tricks to make your first field data collection project a success!

At the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Create and deploy custom forms in minutes -- with no coding required
  • Quickly and easily collect geo-tagged data with any mobile device
  • Share field data with your team members in real time -- wherever they are
  • Review the various types of data (from SpatialVideo to signatures) that can be collected using Fulcrum


Jared Carey - TREKK Design Group, LLC

Cory MacVie
Cory is Fulcrum's Customer Success Manager. He works closely with customers to ensure they are receiving the most value possible from our platform.

Build it

Convert your paper forms to digital in just minutes, not hours or days. Quickly build your ideas into your own mobile app for collecting data anywhere, anytime.

Collect it

Use our Android or iOS mobile app to collect data, online or offline. Everything you collect with Fulcrum is automatically tagged with GPS location coordinates.

Sync it

When you sync your mobile device, your data is sent back to the cloud for storage and easy access by your team, wherever they are.