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Customer Testimonials

Jared Carey - TREKK Design Group, LLC

“It is quite robust for staging data collection efforts and requires the least amount of training for end users in the field of all solutions." - Jared Carey, TREKK Design Group, LLC

Jake Krohn - RAM Utilities

“It has allowed us to grow our operations without the headaches of managing a custom data collection application." - Jake Krohn, RAM Utilities

Sourcery Techbologies

“It's an incredible platform and the main tool used to build our shopping and delivery IOS application." - Alexander David, Sourcery Technologies

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Use our Android or iOS mobile app to collect data, online or offline. Everything you collect with Fulcrum is automatically tagged with GPS location coordinates.

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When you sync your mobile device, your data is sent back to the cloud for storage and easy access by your team, wherever they are.